Client: Skinergy Cosmetics
Brief: Develop a social media campaign for the launch of Skinery Cosmetics' new Tattoo Care range

Concept & Design: Anthony Dalton
Copy: Bronwyn Mulrooney
Product photography: Brenda - Monsoonphotography

We know how difficult it is to find skincare products containing natural ingredients that are specifically designed for inked skin – especially for new tattoos when proper skincare is so important.

That’s why we decided to make our own!

Combining our years of experience in skincare, and our understanding of the specific needs of tattooed skin, we created Tattoo Care, Skinergy’s latest groundbreaking skincare range for South African skin.
Product Range
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For every type of ink you’ve got – brand new, not-so-new or your old faithful – we’ve got a tattoo skincare product for you in our brand new Tattoo Care range.

The range has been specifically formulated for inked South African skin, and our particular environmental conditions, to ensure the absolute best skin care.
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Tattoo Enhancing Cream Packaging

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